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The August Newsletter Of The Fiber Optic Association is Online

Among other news, the FOA’s August issue celebrates the organization’s 25 years of serving the fiber optic industry. As its primary source of technical information and independent certifying body, FOA thought it appropriate to create a short history of the organization and how it has developed to help the fiber optic industry. We also wanted to recognize the contributions many people have made to the organization over the years that made FOA what it is today.

May issue of the Fiber Optic Association Newsletter Now Online

Read the next issue of the FOA’s newsletter online. While the photo above doesn’t show “social distancing”, FOA has all its certification tests available online, both for use by our schools and by our direct “Work to Cert” applicants. All tests require a proctor to oversee the applicant taking the exam. In this time of social distancing, getting a proctor can be difficult, so FOA now has procedures for online proctors and administering the exam. Contact the FOA for more information.

April Newsletter Of The Fiber Optic Association is Now Available

While many are sequestered at home, others are out in the field installing more fiber and maintaining networks. Our contacts tell us that some projects are on hold but others are expanding, necessary to support up to 60% increase in Internet traffic and even a return to voice phone calls as people work from home and try to stay connected while social distancing. If you are working from home, you can take advantage of FOA’s free online learning opportunities at  Fiber U where we have been adding some new courses and expanding our Basic Skills Labs. . 

Quick Tutorial on Bend Radius

A quick tutorial on bend radius from the Fiber Optic Association: All FO cables have specs that must not be exceeded during install to prevent irreparable damage to the cable: pulling tension, min bend radius, crush loads. Installers must understand these specs & know how to pull cables without damaging them. Why is it important? Not following bend radius guidelines can lead to cable damage. If the cable is damaged in installation, the manufacturer’s warranty is voided. That means if you are pulling a cable over a pulley, that pulley should have a min radius of 260mm/10″ or a diameter of 520mm/20″ – don’t get radius and diameter mixed up!

Online Fiber U classes a resource for remote workers

Professionals in the ICT industry who are exclusively working from home may have “found time,” with which they can seek opportunities for professional development or training. One resource available to these professionals—as it has been for years—is Fiber U: the Fiber Optic Association’s free online self-study program. Fiber U includes self-study programs, tutorials, textbooks, videos, and links to other Fiber Optic Association (FOA) pages that educate on fiber optics and premises cabling.

March issue of FOA Newsletter is Available

In this issue of the FOA Newsletter, we had hoped to report about the giant OFC conference in San Diego last week and remind you of the CGA Damage Prevention conference next week in Palm Springs. While you are sequestered at home, we’ve provided some interesting things to read in this newsletter and many other places around the Internet in “Worth Reading” below. We’ve also got some good, free online training at Fiber U, including the new OSP Construction course or if you are preparing for an FOA certification course, any of the other Fiber U courses linked to FOA certifications.