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Understanding Fiber Optic Based Light Source

Using single mode fiber for short distances can cause the receiver to be overwhelmed and an inline attenuator may be needed to introduce attenuation into the channel. With Gigabit to the desktop becoming commonplace, 10Gb/s backbones have also become more common. The SR interfaces are also becoming common in data center applications and even some desktop applications.

Protecting cabling and equipment from the hyperscale to the edge

In any type of computing environment, the housing, protection and management of network connections is essential for uptime and performance. The methods for providing that protection and management, as well as the products and technologies for doing so, can vary significantly depending on the computing environment in which they will reside. This article looks at options for cabling and network-equipment housing, protection, and management in different environments.

Webinar: Data Center Network and Optics Strategies

This webcast begins with a look at the evolving state of data center optics. It examines such questions as what’s unique about data center requirements, why systems vendors are entering the transceiver space as traditional suppliers are leaving it, what role coherent may play and where, and whether data center optics development has become too expensive to encourage potentially innovative newcomers? Panelists will then address how data center networking is affecting optical connectivity requirements and will review the mass adoption of LC and MPO connectors,  new technology for 400 Gigabit Ethernet requirements as well as what the future might hold for such applications as connecting fiber to Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) and coupling for co-packaged optics as well as other emerging applications.

Two Myths About Silicon Photonic Chips

The need for data center optics is real, but silicon photonic chips may not provide the answer. The original goal of optical fiber and related silicon photonic chips was to overcome the limitations of copper wires and support faster interconnects between data centers. To achieve this goal, data center need optical elements such as cheap lasers, low signal lose technologies (low SNR) and cheap system assembly and packaging.

Webinar: The Key to 400G

As more cloud service providers and hyperscale data centers migrate to 200 and 400 Gb/s to support 50 and 100 Gb/s servers, active equipment manufacturers have already announced 400 Gb/s switch platforms in response to demand from data center managers. What is involved in creating the right ecosystem for 400 Gb/s Ethernet? What options to data center designers have? This webinar will provide an overview and guidance.

Tech for the Twenties

As we transition into a new decade, technological advancement is set to continue riding the Moore’s curve. Which means more technology in a given span of time than in any previous era. With the twin engines of evolution and adoption of technology on overdrive, there has been a sharp reduction in the time to bridge the technological divide. Technology has quickly engulfed almost every sphere of human activity. And yet, the question uppermost on everyone’s mind is: What’s next?