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Cable management is key to data center cross connect strategy

In order to manage their fiber, most data centers typically use a mixture of direct connect and interconnect cabling. As the name implies, a direct connection runs point-to-point between racks. A data center interconnect—not to be confused with the network interconnects mentioned previously—routes patch cords to a presentation panel. For large projects, this strategy can become difficult to manage as patch cords tend to become longer and cable pathways grow more congested. Once the number of fiber strands starts to exceed two or three thousand, the scales begin tipping in favor of a cross connect patching strategy.

Gathering Clouds to Unleash a Flood of Data: How will Data Centers Cope?

Increasingly, applications at the network edge—Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine-to-machine communications and the like—are generating tremendous amounts of data. Many such applications demand ultra-reliable low-latency (mid, single-digit millisecond) performance. The challenges of coping with this growing flood of data—to and from the edge—are keeping data center managers awake at night. Here’s what we know.

Data Centers in a 5G Era

By enabling higher speeds, lower latencies, and more #M2M connections, the arrival of #5G #networking is already sparking a revolution amongst #datacenters. Entire industries are simultaneously planning for a new era of connectivity and bracing themselves for what is set to be one of the most influential roll-outs in technological history. And there’s more to come.

Coming to terms with smart

It’s happening again; this time, we’re obsessing over all things “smart.” At first, there were just smartphones. Then came smart watches, smart homes, smart grids, smart switches and smart cities. At some point, the term “smart” became diluted as marketers started applying it to more and more solutions. It’s time to stop and ask: What do we really mean by “smart”? Hidden in that definition is the need for connectivity and the ability to inform the user in order to guide decisions.