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How To Down-Select Colocation Candidates

To identify the most suitable colo candidates, many users begin with a simple web search referencing the desired geographical locations. Then, to shortlist the options, users generally evaluate candidates on 12 attributes, including capacity, reliability, efficiency, telecom, risk avoidance, managed services, financial stability, expertise, and costs. Factors most important to some enterprises, such as low cost or cloud direct-connect circuit availability, may be less important to others who might be focused on scalability or cooling density instead. Users must prioritize features and benefits when down-selecting candidate facilities for further consideration.

Stop Guessing, Start Testing

For co-lo data center operators infrastructure reliability and emergency response capability is essential — downtime is not an option. In this environment, testing is a critical element in meeting customer service level agreements (SLAs) and/or internal performance objectives. In a modern data center, there are thousands of links, cables, transponders, and connections, or, to it put frankly: thousands of potential points of failure. The following is a list of common key test use cases for DCOs.

Colocation Cabinets

Siemon’s multi-compartment cabinets come in 2 -, 3- or 4-comparment configurations and in a variety of widths, depths, heights and colors. These cabinets are the ideal solution for colocation data centers leasing rack unit space to a variety of tenants.