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Scaling enterprise IoT solutions using edge computing and the cloud

Just a few years ago, many expected all the Internet of Things (IoT) to move to the cloud—and much of the consumer-connected IoT indeed lives there—but one of the key basics of designing and building enterprise-scale IoT solutions is to make a balanced use of edge and cloud computing. Most IoT solutions now require a mix of cloud and edge computing which can alleviate latency, increase scalability, and enhance access to information so that better, faster decisions can be made, and enterprises can become more agile as a result.

400G QSFP-DD DR4 module is powered by silicon photonics technology

Hengtong Rockley has released a 400G QSFP-DD DR4 optical module based on silicon photonics technology geared for cloud data center networks. The new 400G QSFP-DD module is the company’s first 400G silicon photonics optical module product and is intended for use in next generation cloud-scale data center networks for low-cost, low-power consumption optical connections between switches. The deployment of such 400G transceivers will enable data center networks to deliver a 4x increase in network speed compared to existing deployments using 100G.

Protecting the Cloud From the IoT

There are billions of connected devices in use worldwide, and that number is increasing by the millions every year. Unfortunately, many of these IoT devices, as well as those currently being developed and deployed, lack critical security features, making them easy targets for hackers and botnets. Without the proper security measures in place, these devices can lead to catastrophic events.

Deploying and securing containers

Containers solve the problem of getting software to run reliably when moved from one computing environment to another — say, from a developer laptop to a test environment, or from a physical machine in a data centre to a virtual machine in a public or private cloud. More and more businesses are joining the container “revolution” — the market around this technology is on track to being a $2.7 billion market by 2020.

Hybrid Cloud: Best or Worst of Both Worlds?

Vendors offering pure-cloud solutions believe that hybrid cloud only delays the inevitable full migration to the cloud, while vendors offering hybrid solutions (generally those with legacy premises-based systems) claim that it offers benefits that pure-cloud solutions can’t provide. Is hybrid cloud the best or the worst of both worlds? The answer is, “It depends.”