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Cabling considerations for CORD networks

In the midst of edge computing and the growing role of edge data centers, a practice has emerged that frequently goes by its acronym, CORD. CORD stands for central office rearchitected as a data center. In a CORD deployment, a service provider uses an existing facility that has served as a central office. In some cases, these facilities now serve as headends for the service providers’ microwave towers or land lines.

Tackling the convergence of data centers and central offices

Supporting low-latency data applications and ‘standard’ telco services in the same facility will require operators to develop two different mindsets. At the same time as supporting the “rip and replace” data center approach, it will also be necessary to support the evolving needs of the traditional central office infrastructure over a long lifetime. But, as with any change in approach, it’s inevitable that planning and managing converged services in central offices will require its own best practices – and offer its own unique challenges.

How Graybar helped a rural telecom provider convert its central office to a data center

Data centers are popping up all over the Midwestern U.S. region to support the ever-growing demand for bandwidth and data, and many of them are reaching capacity. Heartland recognized this fact as an opportunity to diversify its portfolio, and set its designs on converting it’s central office into a new colocation data center with help from Graybar, Corning and Schneider Electric.