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Leviton acquiring Berk-Tek for US$202M

Nexans has agreed to sell U.S.-based cable manufacturer Berk-Tek to Leviton for U.S.$202 million.Together with Leviton, the Berk-Tek team will focus on developing innovative local area network solutions that are critically important in managing the demand of today’s emerging technologies. Leviton and Berk-Tek formed a marketing alliance in 2013.

Webinar: The Emergence of a Utility LAN to the Connected Enterprise

When we think of the Local Area Network (LAN), we typically think of devices that have traditionally been Ethernet-enabled – desktop computers, Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones and more recently, wireless access points. What we are now seeing is the emergence of a uLAN, or Utility LAN. Like the traditional LAN, the uLAN is an interconnected set of devices that share data within the enterprise. But the uLAN is comprised of non-traditional Ethernet-enabled devices – lighting, HVAC, security, and AV systems – that are now being connected and powered by the IP network. The uLAN enables you to integrate systems to reduce installation and maintenance costs, and capture actionable analytics to further improve efficiency, and improve productivity and the overall user experience.

Webinar: Single-Mode Fiber: The Perfect Fit For Your Evolving Enterprise

Until recently, multimode transceivers were orders of magnitude less expensive than their single-mode counterparts, making multimode the fiber of choice for many enterprise network designers. Today, the cost of single-mode transceivers has come down significantly, making the increased bandwidth and longer distances made possible by single-mode fiber much more attractive. This presentation covers: Reasons to include single-mode fiber in the enterprise network; What you need as an IT Manager and what is expected as an installer; Choices and recommendations on fiber cabling, connectors, termination and migration options; and Cleaning, testing and maintenance to ensure system longevity and performance.

Berk-Tek intros fiber ribbon cables, plus reduced-diameter Cat 6A cables

Berk-Tek this month announced the release of two new cable products.The company’s new, comprehensive line of fiber-optic ribbon cables delivers significant space savings for high-density applications. Also introduced was Berk-Tek’s LANmark-SST, a high-performing, small-diameter Category 6A cable which offers better flexibility, optimized cable management, and improved tray-fill ratio than the average Category 6A cable, making it ideal for high-density installations.

Berk-Tek launches uLAN™ Extender Series at 2019 BICSI Fall

Berk-Tek launched two new solutions that extend the network beyond the standard 100-meter distance limitation as part of the company’s uLANTM (utility LAN) Extender Series. EXT-100 is a PoE extender system, allowing data transmission of up to 100 Mbps and PoE up to 30 Watts to be transmitted up to 1,200 feet (365 meters). PowerGIG-OAC is a fully managed hardened switch that comes pre-assembled in a NEMA 4X/IP66 enclosure.