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How COVID-19 May Change Technology Usage in Different Markets

As we adjust to new ways of living and working amid this global pandemic, an interesting question arises: How will these shifts impact us long term? Will COVID-19 serve as a change agent, transforming the way we use technology? Recent technology advancements are doing more than changing how we work. They’re helping us adhere to social distancing and stay-at-home orders, keeping non-essential workers at home while those on the frontlines head out every day to help fight this battle. Without our progress toward faster speeds, more bandwidth and applications such as videoconferencing, many of us would be struggling much more than we are to get work done, keep in touch with family and even keep food delivered to our front door—without having to leave our homes.

Singlemode vs. Multimode Fiber: The Real Differences

As bandwidth usage intensifies, costs of fiber optic cable continue to decrease and emerging technologies demand faster speeds and more reliable connectivity, fiber cable is becoming a practical solution for many cabling projects. Before you decide for sure that fiber is the right way to go for your project, there’s another decision to make: Do you need singlemode or multimode fiber?

Selecting a Mission-Critical Category 6A System to Meet Increasing Network Demands

Picking the right category cable and connectivity for your specific application isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. Even if you know you need a Category 6A system, how do you wade through your choices and pick the right one? A lot of your questions can be answered by thinking about your application and the type of performance you need to keep technology up and running.

Webinar: Pop-Up Healthcare: How to Support the Fight Against COVID-19

As alternate care sites (ACSs) are being deployed to provide medical services in non-traditional environments, their ability to operate efficiently and reliably make a life-saving difference. This free webinar will explain the role that the government, healthcare organizations and contractors play in ACS success; and the technology, cabling and connectivity that will be needed to support these sites.