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How Fiber-Deep Network Solutions and 5G Can Help the Hospitality Industry Recover Post-COVID | The Signal Network Blog by Corning

Few industries were hit harder by the pandemic than hospitality.Even with the expected economic boom due to pent u p travel demand, the industry will take years to fully recover. But it’s also an opportunity for hospitality to build back better. Simultaneous with the industry’s recovery will be the widespread rollout of fiber-deep and data rich networks like 5G and WIFI6. These networks can support technologies that help hotel guests feel safer post-pandemic, and enable the industry to lay the groundwork for other high-tech services in the future.

Fiber is the Now: Keeping up with Optical Fiber

As internet traffic, connected devices and cloud-based services proliferate, there is a corresponding increase in the deployment of optical fiber. This article will highlight the key market segments and technology enablers driving demand and then discuss the ways that optical fiber technology is being deployed to meet the demands for higher bandwidth, low latency networks.

What’s in the future of 5G millimeter wave?

The mobile ecosystem has made tremendous progress commercializing 5G mmWave systems. Commercial 5G mmWave networks deployed in the U.S. and other regions of the world support extreme capacity and blazing-fast download speeds, and there is a growing selection of 5G mmWave devices — smartphones, laptops, and more. Momentum behind 5G continues to grow driven by five key 5G NR technologies. Read the full article at: http://www.rcrwireless.com

Protecting the Future at the Edge: Addressing the Risks of Emerging Edge Data Centers

With 75 billion connected devices expected by 2025 , 5G deployment, and the promise of new technologies, the ICT industry will see an unprecedented amount of data that requires rethinking the way the data center is built and managed. To meet the needs of new applications, data centers need to be hosted close to users and network functionality needs to be performed in milliseconds.

No future megatrends without real time capable fiber optics

Experts agree: without a modern, real-time-capable infrastructure, neither the Internet of Things (IoT), nor autonomous driving or Smart Cities can be realized. The fact is that data volumes around the globe are exploding. Real-time data processing is only possible with 5G mobile communications and Edge Computing. Modern & high-performance fiber optics cabling is the prerequisite.